bio-image“The Gym Profits Group was founded for the sole purpose of helping gym owners generate greater revenues and profits and to maximize the operational efficiency of their business.”
Terry Patryluk
President, The Gym Profits Group

A History of Success – As a past V.P. of Sales and V.P. of Operations for some of the country’s largest health club chains, very few have as keen an understanding of how to generate club revenue and profits as Terry Patryluk. His exceptional 25 year industry track record of delivering top and bottom line results, and opening and overseeing “Super Clubs” has provided him with the perspectives and values needed to take a fitness club to the next level. He is a natural teacher, motivator, author and public speaker, who has influenced countless fitness club leaders and their employees to become better in their careers and personal lives.

Sales and Leadership Training/Club Revenue Expert – Terry and his team specialize in maximizing employee performance, generating club revenue and developing and training fitness club managers, sales personnel and personal trainers.
The leadership training and sales systems training he has developed and facilitated throughout the years has taken the guess work out of how to become successful and offers a very clear and effective approach to becoming more productive in the fitness industry.

Solutions Expert – He is very adept at analyzing all aspects of club operations from sales, marketing, staffing and corporate culture, identifying the vital areas of concern, then implementing effective strategies, systems and processes to improve club performance and profitability.

Author – His published book, The Medicine Man of Business — Unblocking the Profit Pathways, is one of the best books on how to manage and operate a fitness club and is a very effective tool that can be used to run a more efficient and profitable club.

Difference Maker – During his onsite, or online training and workshops, Terry has a unique ability to connect with and impart knowledge to employees that can be applied immediately for improved results. The practical tools and methods he provides for use beyond the workshop give employees a template for long term success.

Train the Trainer for Ongoing Results – To facilitate improvement, he and his team personally work with club owners and managers to deliver customized consulting services to find solutions for any challenge your club may be facing. Club procedures and protocols, training materials and revenue generating strategies will be provided to your club so that you can enjoy sustained success.

To receive a free phone, or email consultation, please list the main concerns you are having at your club and provide your preferred method of contact on our submission page.