A Daily Structured Action Plan for your Sellers

– Add up the hours you worked that day
– Subtract the hours you were in a daze
– It’s only the difference that really pays!

This hopefully humorous quote I have used in my book was written to highlight the challenge that many gym owners have in being able to be able to get a full effort and maximum production from their employees over the course of a business day. In the arena of sales, this means hitting and surpassing quotas on a consistent basis.

Do you wish your membership sales people and personal trainers were more productive? Do you wish they could just “step it up” to the next level? Do you wish they would work not just harder, but smarter? In many cases this is doable by just getting them to change their thought processes of how they approach their day, and by getting them to take greater ownership for what happens throughout their day. Without an effective daily game plan, regardless of the industry, sales personnel lose many productive hours daily and weekly that can never be recovered.

Time Unaccounted for means Revenue Lost
When I go into a business to do a sales effectiveness audit, I often speak to sales staff at the end of their day to see how productive they feel they have been. When I would take into consideration the time taken for lunch, breaks and various sales related activities, such as tours and prospecting, I frequently find hours left over that cannot be accounted for. The rest seems to mysteriously get lost or eaten up by inconsequential or nondescript, unproductive time. The expression, “If you can’t quantify it, you can’t qualify it”, holds extra meaning for the fitness industry, where employees either tend to be younger, or have less business experience in general. If you are paying a membership sales rep to work an eight hour shift minus a lunch break and they can only account for half that time as being productive, you can be sure you are losing at least three hours of revenue production time per day. That’s 15 hours lost over a week and 60 hours over a month! It is one thing to be struggling due to something beyond one’s control, such as the industry’s fierce competition, and another altogether when something can be done about it.

A huge reason this happens (or I should say doesn’t happen) is not always due to poor effort, or poor intent, but simply that many employees don’t have a daily plan to apply their energy or their commitment to a fuller extent. Even in cases where a club’s best seller hits their quota consistently, this often has nothing to do with spending time wisely. Good salesmanship can easily hide or mask poor use of time. Simply put, a proper game plan will always yield more results than not having one. Time, used efficiently, can be the difference between going from 50% to quota, to 100% to quota, or from 100% to quota to 150% to quota.

A Daily Structured Action Plan takes inconsistency out of one’s day and prompts one to carry out a methodical sequence of revenue generating activities until the plan is completed. It keeps employees on track and focused on what’s important to themselves and their employers. It is also designed to help the sales person work intelligently and get the most out of the various activities they undertake during the day or week. In other words, it takes the guess work out of success by charting a path to follow to succeed. A pre-set plan also allows management to be completely in sync with employee for not just the end result, but the processes and actions needed to achieve that end result.

A Sales Plan — for Sales Success
Membership sales personnel and personal trainers of each club we work with will receive their own personal Daily Structured Action Plan for Success designed for the fitness industry that will keep them on track, keep them more organized and help them to be more productive every single day! These plans are easy to follow, fun to use and will result in them generating more tours, sales and clients.

Some learning topics include:

  • Owning your Day
  • The Four Steps to Achieving Sales Success
  • Clearly Defining Sales Goals and Objectives
  • Creating My Daily Structured Action Plan
  • Achieving Process Goals means Hitting Production Goals
  • Understanding and Embracing the Numbers Game to Stay Motivated
  • Using Visualization Strategy to Surpass Sales Quotas
  • “Smart Goals” for the Fitness Sales Professional
  • The Importance of Doing end-of-day Projections
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