“Days Gone By” Mean having to be more Strategic to Survive

Years ago, it was considered par for the course to get a 1% return on well thought out indirect mail-out campaigns. Sending out 25,000 flyers and getting over 200 information calls was not out of the question. For the most part, regardless of how great a campaign is now, those days are over. As you know, this method of promoting your club now serves little else than keeping your brand in the public eye, which is crucial, but what most clubs need is prospects coming through their door. Consumer savvy and being mail blitzed by fierce competition means having to be more strategic and creative than ever if you are to get your share of the fitness dollar pie.

Just one example of how to do this is to connect with like-minded but non competitive businesses, whose customers or clients value healthy and fit lifestyles. By establishing key neighbourhood partnerships with certain companies, you can connect with potentially thousands of people in their customer data base who live/work and shop close to your club. The win-win here is to send traffic to each other through “loyalty offers” that provide customers/members with special trials or offers not available to the general public, in appreciation of being loyal shopper and members.

Depending on your club’s local business and shopper demographic, The Gym Profits Group can help you to implement any of the following programs for your club and will train your staff on how to connect with, engage and gain commitment with decision makers. We will show them how to promote each of these programs for maximum effectiveness and provide all marketing templates for ongoing use whenever needed:

Some neighbourhood outreach programs include:

  • Neighbourhood Retail Database Marketing
  • Public Fitness Seminars
  • Local Weight Loss Challenges
  • Club “Meet-ups”
  • Arranging In-store Customer Fitness Booths
  • “FOR YOUR HEALTH” Promotional Letters for Residential Door-to-door Delivery
  • Food Drive Traffic Builders
  • Charity “Revenue Share” Promotions
To receive a free phone, or email consultation, please list the main concerns you are having at your club and provide your preferred method of contact on our submission page.