A Great Source of Ongoing Revenue!

THE GYM PROFITS GROUP personnel have conducted hundreds of corporate fitness seminars, workshops and wellness events, resulting in thousands of new members for many clubs throughout the country. Corporate revenue from neighbourhood companies, government institutions, large retail outlets, banks, hospitals, etc., is there for the taking with the proper strategy. We will implement a complete corporate program for your club that will enable you to generate an effective revenue stream on an ongoing basis.

Your sales team will learn the most effective ways to connect with company decision makers, gain agreement to put on your lunch and learn event, how to promote and market your visit in the most effective way, and even how to sell on-site.

Whether your lunchtime event is a fitness talk, yoga demonstration, or setting up a wellness booth to conduct employee “mini-fitness check ups”, if done properly, your visit at the very least, should result in dozens of qualified leads who have made group or individual appointments to check out your club. Arranging a corporate event should rarely be a one time event. You will also learn a corporate marketing strategy that will allow you to promote your club to each company in three different ways over a 30-day period to maximize sales.

We can also book corporate events for your club, and depending on you club’s location, even conduct the presentations while your employees attend and learn first hand. All corporate training templates and marketing materials will be supplied to your club for future events.

Some learning topics include:

  • Five Effective ways to Generate Corporate Leads and Sales — They are there for the taking.
  • Connecting with a Decision Maker to Set up Corporate Events.
  • How to Book Successful and Profitable Lunch and Learns
  • How to Conduct Five Minute Mini Fitness Check-ups to Gain Interest in your Club
  • How to sell Memberships at a Corporate Event
  • How to Book Group Tours and Workouts from Employees Attending your Lunch and Learn.
To receive a free phone, or email consultation, please list the main concerns you are having at your club and provide your preferred method of contact on our submission page.