Sales Training – Getting the Best from your New and Experienced Sellers

One of the best sayings I have ever heard in the fitness industry came from the wife of the owner of a fitness club chain with 35 locations, where I was VP of Sales. She was referring to the experience of a sales manager who had been bragging that he had been in the business for over twenty years. She commented, “Oh, he has been in business for 20 years alright. The problem is, they were all in year one!” This incredible telling expression highlights the need for providing ongoing sales training not only for new recruits, but for those “experienced” personnel that quite likely stopped learning long ago, or who may have also picked up many unproductive habits along the way.

Typically, a membership sales person learns what they need to know to be able to sell a membership in the first week or so of being hired. Once they make a few sales, it is easy to feel great about what they did right to make those sales and forget about the sales they miss, and the self evaluation needed to understand what went wrong in those instances. Even with the sales they are making, the danger is they can get reinforced by the result, while ignoring mistakes or missed steps needed to maximize success over the long term.

As the months and years tick by, many settle into a 50% closing average believing this is good. The reality of course is that the best sellers in the industry sell 75% to 80% on a regular basis. Without self assessment and continually honing their craft, can you imagine how much revenue is being left on the table simply because they stopped following the training they were given at the beginning of their career? In some cases, proper training may never have been provided.

This training component given onsite, or online, will teach your new membership sales personnel how to become highly effective sellers, while providing a new and fresh perspective for those with “experience”, so they can become better producers.

Some learning topics include:

  • The Mindset of a Winning Sales Professional – Shift Your Thinking for Greater Sales
  • Profile your Sales Personality – Are you a “Confident Advisor” or “Fearful Order Taker”?
  • How to Sell without “Selling” or Gimmicks
  • Creating “Meaningful Moments” to Build Value and Sell more Effectively
  • The Membership Sales Process from A-Z
  • Using a Needs Analysis Questionnaire to “Prove” Need and Build Trust
  • Giving a Dynamic Tour to Create a Desire to Buy
  • Your Greatest Competitive Advantage is You!
  • Presenting Price and Closing the Sale – You must have a Method
  • Overcoming Objections – The Eight Step Closing Formula
  • How to Sell Multi-Day Trial Guest Passes
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