Testimonials from the Trenches

Terry’s book is filled with wonderful and intelligent content, delivered in a concise and thought provoking way. This book fuels some very relevant business truths: attitude is everything-getting the best out of your people will drive your business forward; and recognizing that your best customers are the ones you already have! Not only did I enjoy it, but I found it a body of work that will enhance how I run my own business.
Michael Muzzin / President & CEO at ITEX Toronto Barter
Terry is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about sales. He has been an unparalleled resource to the Forza Fitness sales team, bringing structure and metrics to our Corporate Sales process. I found his content to be well thought out, crisply communicated, and immediately practicable. I'll never hesitate to recommend Terry to any company intending to get a handle on sales team development.
Timothy Nielsen / Business Development Manager
I have known Terry for many years while working together in the Health and Fitness industry. Terry is an extremely committed, reliable and passionate individual who goes about his work with professionalism, pride, honesty and will do whatever it takes to get his clients results. Anyone choosing to use his services will surely benefit from his many years of knowledge and experience and can surely expect positive results.
Nazeem McDoom / Owner, Lynmac Promos
Having worked in sales and management positions for many years previously, it was an eye opener to fall under the tutelage of Terry Patryluk. As a Vice President, trainer, fitness leader and motivator I learned more from him than any other in the industry. It is rare to meet those who lead be example and practice what they preach. His ability to always be redefining the process and steps to not only hit sales quotas and targets, but to always be improving both the micro and macro elements of a successful business is second to none. I would highly recommend Terry to any business looking to run more efficient, profitable clubs.
David Otanez / Sales and Marketing Director, Recap Investments
Terry worked with me at Super Fitness for years. He was the best at hiring and training, and was a huge producer himself. We started as a small company with no substantial bank financing, rapidly opened more locations and grew to be the largest of our time, with over 100,000 members. Each location had to be productive in order to continue to grow. Success depended upon hiring and training people that could produce. That was Terry's role, and he did it well. We were all working so hard and such long hours, I can't remember if I ever told him "Thanks", so I'm doing it now!
Christine Steiger / Owner Christine’s Fitness & Personal Training
As a leader in the fitness and health and wellness industry, we have recently found need to expand. I have had the pleasure of working with Terry while formulating a concise and practical strategy that would ensure seamless growth. Terry's consultative role was invaluable in helping us to polish and implement a new strategic partnership. Terry is knowledgeable and most cordial, bringing a personal and compassionate touch to the corporate world. Terry was instrumental in the financial role-out and structure for multiple services, including but not exclusive to corporate executive programming and lunch and learn offerings and ninety day fitness challenges. We at Whole Fitness Canada truly value Terry's expertise and look forward to a long and happy relationship with this brilliant man. Bravo Terry and thank you for being a part of Whole Fitness Canada's success.
Michelle Biggers / CEO Whole Fitness Canada Inc.