What Is Your Club’s Reality?

Top of the line efficiency? Money left on the table in too many areas? Just not sure?

Here is a small sample of how revenue can be lost or made in the day to day reality of health clubs.
What is your club’s reality?

1. Do your club’s membership staff sell more pay-as-you-go memberships than annual memberships because they are not as comfortable selling longer term agreements?
2. Once a membership is sold, do they regularly ask for and get qualified referrals?
-Did those referrals get called and booked within 48 hours or were they forgotten about altogether?
3. Do your sales personnel build trust and rapport when dealing with telephone inquiries and prospecting calls, or do they just “push” appointments, resulting in way too many potential members just not showing up?
4. If a member brings in a guest to work out, are they ignored, or pressured to join; or treated like VIP’s who will be happy to discuss membership options after their workout?
5. During the after-sales procedure, does your sales team regularly ask where the new member works to see if there is an opportunity to set up a corporate initiative with their company?
6. Do all new members get booked for a fitness consultation to create an opportunity to present your club’s personal training packages?
-Do membership sales staff present the fitness assessment in a way that will increase the likelihood of new members showing up for their appointment, or was the appointment booked quickly without stressing the value and importance of doing one?
7. Are your personal trainers or others responsible for doing so, effective at selling personal training, or just not comfortable with it?
8. How many hours of true, honest production, do you get from your employees—particularly those who sell?

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