“There are two very clear steps to increasing sales in any club. The first step is to increase the number of opportunities you have to sell your services or products. The other is to maximize the efficiency of the sales process so that each and every opportunity is not wasted.
Some clubs are great at driving traffic through their door, while others are much better at closing the few prospects they see. Very few clubs are great at both!”

Terry Patryluk
President, The Gym Profits Group

The Gym Profits Group provides a complete array of services for fitness clubs of any size, whether you have a small boutique club or a 30,000 square foot all-purpose health and fitness facility.

We specialize in putting revenue generating programs in place that will increase club traffic, memberships, cash flow and profit that will show almost immediate results. This includes not only implementing new revenue streams, but improving on existing ones that leave money on the table because they are not being monetized to their fullest potential.

We also generate club revenue by increasing sales effectiveness and ensuring that club management, sales personnel and personal training personnel have their own Daily Structured Action Plan to work smarter and more profitability.
Other times a huge improvement can be realized by simply implementing or shoring up club protocols and/or procedures to prevent sales from being lost on a daily basis.

The collective experience of our team is vast, but what separates us from typical gym consulting companies is the exceptional “in the trenches” track record of driving sales and smashing quotas.

The Gym Profits Group offers on the job, real-time training, workshops and interactive “power” webinars. All training modules are proven tried and true in the field to deliver top notch results.

Our specialties:

  • Membership Sales Training to Maximize Sales Performance
  • Implementing/Perfecting Club Procedures and Processes that Directly or Indirectly Increase
    Membership Revenue.
  • Personal Trainer, Sales Training
  • Implementing/Perfecting the Procedures and Processes that Increase Club Personal Training Sales
  • Goal Setting & Visualizing Strategies to Surpass Club Sales Quotas
  • Implementing an Effective Corporate Outreach Program
  • Training Club Employees How to Generate Corporate Revenue
  • Maximizing Employee Daily Productivity Time
  • Providing Employee Daily Structured Action Plans to Increase Sales
  • Member Retention Strategies
  • Club Manager/Sales Manager Effectiveness Training.
  • Implementing effective 0 to low-cost Neighborhood Marketing Initiatives.

Our Assurance

Any revenue generating methodology or procedures taught and implemented will always serve two purposes:
-To directly or indirectly result in generating greater revenues.
-To ensure they are always member friendly and easy to apply for the employees involved.

Upon completion, we provide all scripts, training materials and marketing templates for future use as needed.
We ensure all sales and support systems, protocols and procedures are implemented and firmly in place so that your club can continue to enjoy increased revenues and profits on an ongoing basis.

To receive a free phone, or email consultation, please list the main concerns you are having at your club and provide your preferred method of contact on our submission page.