Getting your Trainers to Become Comfortable and Effective with Selling Personal Training

It is a simple reality of the fitness industry that personal trainers in general are not comfortable with the selling process. Ironic as it seems, in spite of being fit and believing in fitness themselves, they tend to find sales intimidating or unappealing. Another reason for this is that most trainers do not have a day to day strategy to connect with club members to get them interested in their training services. If they do have some sort of plan, it usually involves hunting the gym floor to offer free demos to members. However once the demo has been completed, many trainers feel like a fish out of water, not knowing how to transition to presenting personal training packages. Without a systematic and user friendly process, this can be daunting even for the most confident of trainers.

This training module provides easy to follow steps for trainers to make meaningful connections with members to get them excited about spending an hour with the trainer to receive a complimentary “program adjustment”, NOT a demo. Offering to adjust a member’s workout is an effective and natural way to connect, as most members’ routines become boring and stale without regular and proper modification. The training will also show personal trainers how to build desire and need during the program adjustment session or fitness consultation, so that presenting personal training packages immediately afterwards merely becomes a matter of providing a viable solution to stated needs from the member, NOT a sales pitch. By following a one page outline, they will learn how to present their personal training services in an impactful and effective way. The outline is also exceptional for membership sales staff that have permission to sell personal training programs during the regular tour process.

Some learning topics include:

  • Connecting with Existing Members to Gain more Personal Training Clients
  • How to Conduct a Complimentary Workout to Sell more Personal Training
  • The Easy Six Step Approach to Presenting Personal Training Packages
  • Conducting a Proper Fitness Assessment to Interest New Members in Personal Training
  • How to Renew more Personal Training Clients
  • How to Sell Personal Training Packages to a Walk-in, Guest, or Phone Appointment
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