Developed in the Fitness Club Trenches

All works itemized below were developed/created/written for the sole purpose of increasing fitness club revenue and profit and to operate a more efficient business. We achieve this through increasing the number of qualified prospects, then maximizing the success of each opportunity those prospects provide.
Any of the below listed training modules are presented in the following formats:
-On the job training and coaching, including one-on-one mentoring and “real time” reciprocal job shadowing
-Live and interactive “power” webinars

The Medicine Man of Business—Unblocking the Profit Pathways


Membership Sales Process
-The Mindset of a Winning Sales Professional—Shift Your Thinking for Greater Sales
-Profiling your Sales Personality—Confident Advisor, or Fearful Order Taker?
-Turning Club Guests into Club Sales—Planting the Seed, then Proving the Need
-Seven Steps to Follow for Greater “First Visit” Closing—Without the Pressure
-Creating Desire to buy with “Meaningful Moments”
-Presenting Price and Closing the Sale—You Must have a Method
-Overcoming Objections—The Eight Step Closing Formula

Optimizing Employee Productivity
-Owning your Day
-The Daily Structured Action Plan—How to Work Smarter and Earn More Money

Personal Training Revenue
-Connecting With Members to Gain New Personal Training Clients
-Conducting a Complimentary Workout to Create Interest in Personal Training
-How to Present Personal Training Packages—The SIX STEP APPROACH
-How to Sell Personal Training to First Time Tours

Telephone Effectiveness—More Appointments, More “Shows”, More Sales
-Overcoming Call Reluctance
-The Universal Outbound Script to use for ALL Prospecting Calls
-How to Triple your Qualified Referrals—It’s Easier that you think
-Strategic Dialing
-Phone Call Physicality

Corporate Sales
-Generating Corporate Leads and Sales—They are there for the Taking
-Promoting Corporate Events to Maximize Turnouts
-Get Fit—Feel Great—Live Strong (Lunch and Learn Seminar for neighborhood companies)

Neighborhood Outreach Marketing Programs
-Reciprocal Database “Loyalty” Email Offers
-Public Fitness Seminars
-Body Transformation Campaign
-Weight Loss Challenges
-Local Business Network Parties


-The Daily Action Success Planner (for the Health Club Sales Professional)
-The Daily Action Success Planner (for Health Club Managers)
-A General Manager’s Day 1–30 Action Plan to Generate Club Revenue
-The Complete Corporate Sales Training Manual
-Selling Personal Training—“A Fitness Assessor’s Guide”
-The Seven Day Complete Training School Program for Fitness Professionals

Cancellation Save Procedures and Protocols

Over 300 workshops and seminars presented—Resulting in thousands of new club sales

A Fitness Club Owner’s Business “Health Check”
(A comprehensive diagnostic of fitness systems, procedures and protocols for immediate and sustained profit increase)

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